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Christine Steward

White Rock-South Surrey Registered Massage Therapist

Status change January 1, 2021 – non-practicing Registered Massage Therapist



Discover how TRE can reduce the damaging effects of daily stress in your body.
I have attained my Advanced Certified TRE Provider status and am offering online TRE sessions and classes. Due to the pandemic I have chosen to register this year as a non-practicing RMT.

My education and 26 years experience as an RMT have been an asset in aiding me to achieve
Advanced Certified TRE Provider status.

TRE — stress and tension release technique — can be used as an effective tool, once you learn to self-regulate your practice.

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About Me

Christine Steward

My journey toward helping others started with a motorcycle accident that ended my dreams of becoming a high performance athlete. Years of professional physical therapy provided some relief, but I was left to live with episodes of unresolved, debilitating pain.

I was determined to find a solution so I immersed myself in the study of the human body while training to be a massage therapist. During that time, I was fortunate to be assessed by some remarkable instructors, who introduced me to osteopathic treatment. I was amazed at how my pain was greatly diminished when these gentle yet powerful techniques were utilized.

Since graduating, I have continued to study with these highly skilled mentors.
Building on basic Osteopathic principles: The body is self – healing and self – regulating, I now offer a form of therapy called Full Body Fascial Facilitation.

In 2011, I introduced Trauma/Tension Release Exercises or TRE to augment the therapy I was delivering. It also induces the innate wisdom of our body’s own inner healing process and was a natural inclusion to my practice philosophy.

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I hope to assist you on your own road to wellness.

Yours in Health,

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