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Christine Steward, RMT
White Rock-South Surrey Registered Massage Therapist




Registered Massage Therapist, White Rock, South Surrey

Christine Ahluna Steward, Registered Massage Therapist, in her 25th year of private practice, is located in the heart of South Surrey-White Rock, BC Canada.

Christine’s massage therapy treatment, called Full Body Fascial Facilitation, effectively connects with the muscles and fascial system offering a therapeutic and restorative massage unlike any you may have received. Focusing on restoring health from trauma induced injuries and muscle fatigue, Christine’s therapeutic sessions provide relief and rehabilitation in a non-invasive, full body therapy delivered with a gentle cranial-sacral touch while the client is fully clothed.

The focus of her practice has been to assist others who like herself have experienced the pain of a body out of alignment. Her own search for pain relief has lead her to utilize the most effective techniques she has encountered.
Christine works with clients of all ages and conditions, which may include (but are not limited to) the following list:

Chronic Pain | Headaches (tension, migraine)| Carpal Tunnel Syndrome | Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) syndrome | Fibromyalgia | Whiplash | Sciatica | Stress Related Disorders

My Practice

Research has shown that massage therapy is no longer just for relaxation. The health benefits offered by therapeutic massage can have a positive, lasting impact on your health and lifestyle.

Christine Steward offers Full Body Fascial Facilitation which is a relaxing and restorative therapy. This technique supports the whole body and its delicate, inter-connected mechanisms to restore the synchronicity of motion between all the structures of the body.

Several areas of the body can be simultaneously out of balance for different reasons – the continuous pull of gravity, physical and emotional factors of a traumatic nature, over-use, poor posture, lack of exercise etc.  Our bodies are continuously seeking balance and with the cumulative effect of the above named stressors, the body’s ability to remain stable is challenged.

So it is understandable that the body will not have the same ability to cope as it once did and may need assistance in its recovery. Christine’s therapy treatments are directed towards assisting the body to change its current pattern of holding tension to a more appropriate pain-free state.

Fascial Facilitation affects the soft tissues of the body through electrical changes that occur via the nervous system, which then alters the current tension pattern the body is maintaining.This non-invasive, full body treatment based upon Osteopathic principles is given while the client is in a restful state and fully clothed.

Christine skillfully works through the tremendously complex fascial system which laces throughout the body, she releases tension with specific techniques, which allow the self-healing and correcting processes of the body to be enhanced. Her touch brings assistance to an otherwise exhausted or struggling fascial system. Many of her clients claim to feel an immediate sense of change.

About Me

Christine Steward, Registered Massage Therapist

My journey toward helping others started with a motorcycle accident that ended my dreams of becoming a high performance athlete. Years of professional physical therapy provided some relief, but I was left to live with episodes of unresolved, debilitating pain.

I was determined to find a solution so I immersed myself in the study of the human body while training to be a massage therapist. During that time, I was fortunate to be assessed by some remarkable instructors, who introduced me to osteopathic treatment. I was amazed at how my pain was greatly diminished when these gentle yet powerful techniques were utilized.

Since graduating, I have continued to study with these highly skilled mentors.
Building on basic Osteopathic principles: The body is self – healing and self – regulating, I now offer a form of therapy called Full Body Fascial Facilitation.

In 2011, I introduced Trauma/Tension Release Exercises or TRE to augment the therapy I currently deliver. It also induces the innate wisdom of our body’s own inner healing process and was a natural inclusion to my practice philosophy.

Learn more about TRE here:

I hope to assist you on your own road to wellness.

Yours in Health,

What Clients Say

“The greatest compliment about my service is when a client refers another person to me. Please inform me if you were referred so that I may thank them for their trust in my care.” ~ Christine

I want to thank you for the “Full Body Fascial Facilitation” treatment and your expertise and training within your role as massage therapist. As a trained nurse and midwife I am familiar with the body’s extensive connective tissues, but as I receive this therapy I am also very aware of the full body perspective as each session accumulates it’s effectiveness over successive days. After years of intense backache and migraines, positive changes have occurred that have allowed me to continue working and I now see myself able to work into my retirement years.


My daughter was having problems with her neck and back so I looked up Christine who had treated me 10 years ago… After one treatment I could see the relief in my daughter’s eyes. Her pain had left. I decided to try the cranial fascia treatment myself as my right knee was causing pain…and I haven’t had any problems with my knee in the last two years. I would definitely recommend trying this treatment. It worked wonders for us.


I suffered for years from extreme sciatic, shoulder and neck pain from various car-accidents and falls. My therapist—Christine’s former trainer and mentor–referred me to her after his health began failing. Her gentle, hands-on, and non aggressive treatments along with my own exercises have helped me to be able to function with relatively little pain and discomfort. My husband recently has gone  to Christine, also, for his neck and pain in his shoulder. He was amazed at the relief he experienced. I so appreciate the help provided for both my husband and myself.

Judy and Brian

I am 59 and have had migraines and chronic lower back pain since I was around 16 years old. I have been practicing Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE)  for about 6 weeks now, and I am finding my back is very much more stable, my whole body is looser and more relaxed and I don’t live in fear of migraines. I am convinced I will be able to progress much faster now towards my wellness.


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